It has almost been a year since the last post. And life has drastically changed. It was never my intention to fall off the face of the planet and completely forget the blog. However, life is constantly changing and here we are almost a year later. Whoops!

So let’s catch everyone up before part II.

1) I’m officially a resident of Denver, Colorado. Yes, it is very cold here at times. But somehow, this Texan is okay in it. The negatives have a bitter bite to them but if we’re talking 20-40s, it’s actually not too bad (minus the week adjustment period). I’ve officially learned how to drive in the snow (still not a fan of it though) and I know the importance of wearing snow boots. A few not-so-graceful falls will teach you that lesson pretty quick.


2) I’m officially a homeowner!! We bought a chic three story townhouse in Denver which needed a TON of work. Hello full remodel! It’s been almost a year in the house and surprisingly, the house is almost 100% FINISHED! Ahhhh! We learned a lot of lessons so far in the house. Like how to install wood flooring. And plumbing. And electric work. And a kitchen remodel (halfway point right now). And how to flagstone a patio. And how much paint costs for three stories. Yeeeeesh.

3) I started a website/blog for me and Robbie ( to showcase our endless travel, home remodeling, cooking and life. Yeah– so this is where my time and attention has gone. It’s totally different than the adventures and hooplah featured here so unless you’re overly into reading about what we do and the house updates and the endless amounts of travel and the books we read.. well.. there you have it!

4) I got married!! It was on Star Wars day for my dad (and us. Let’s be honest. A nerd married another nerd. Attention must be paid). My grandfather walked me down the aisle since my dad couldn’t be there and it was one of the sweetest moments. Cue waterworks. We had a string quartet and a big band (naturally) for the music and I finally got to wear a dress of endless amounts of tulle. Also learned a lot of lessons about life when planning a wedding. Maybe that’ll come one day. But all I have to say is– pick your partner wisely because planning a wedding will test your patience!! Thankfully, my husband is an incredible man and has gobs of patience for me. He’s type-B. It works out well 🙂

5) Robbie and I finally traveled internationally together. And on our first day of our honeymoon in Mexico, he was stung by a sting ray. New wife skills now include healing venomous aquatic stings. Out of all the languages I can speak and understand at least conversationally, Spanish is really the only one I’m not so great at that is local. So of course the Spanish-speaking man I married gets maimed to the point I need to find help and ask what to do. In Spanish. I still don’t know how it all worked out but I’m apparently great at gesturing? Robbie is doing much better now. Hah. Still kinda funny though. Don’t worry. Life gets revenge for me laughing.

6) 20 days after our wedding, my best friend Sian got married in Costa Rica. It was absolutely beautiful and that marked international trip #2 for this year. It was my turn to be maimed by wildlife and I had a bat fly into my hair and hold on for dear life. You want to know what is utterly terrifying? A BAT in your hair. Especially after my book worm husband tells me about rabies in Costa Rica days before. Thankfully, I did not have rabies (nor did it bite me). The poor critter was scared out of his/her mind. And where did this happen? Oh right after my maid of honor speech. Like immediately after. Right in front of the photographer. In other news, I’m still not very graceful.


7) I’m going back to school! Because education is never old and is a marvelous thing. I’m going to the New York Institute of Art and Design for Interior Design (yes, from my home in Denver). I’ve always had a love for interior design (even almost majored in it for my undergrad). However, the love has come in full force thanks to remodeling a house.

8) We are leaving for Belize here in a week for another close friend’s wedding. (International trip #3). Based on the first two trips this year, I’m not feeling too friendly when it comes to the wildlife. The break and relaxation will definitely be nice though. Laying on the beach with a great book? Sign a girl up!

9) I’m going to be an Auntie! My sister is pregnant!! Holy toledo, Batman. I can’t tell you how spoiled my nephew is going to be. It’s going to be off the charts. I’m already kicking off my auntie-duties with her shower and it will be a Texas-sized celebration, y’all!

10) I’m training for another triathlon! And I’m more than slightly timid about the open water swim. It’ll be an adventure though and Lord knows I’m always up for those. I may be slower than my first tri but what are challenges in life if not to let you grow?

I’m so sorry about the huge break in posting (all you wonderful readers, you!). We had almost all of the major life changes happen in a short amount of time (new jobs, buying a house, going back to school, planning a wedding, moving to a new state) and oy. It’s been a lot. Know I have missed you all. Stay tuned for the adventures!


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