A place as precious as poetry,
as romantic as an opera,
as colorful as a painting,
as beautiful as life itself-
This place I found myself
in the truest form and light.
From self-discovery to new awakenings,
I now must take flight.


Two years ago I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into. When I received the job offer, I was a little nervous to leave my beloved hometown of Houston, Texas. Going from the 4th largest city to a big town which hardly any can properly spell (Albu-quer-que) would be drastically different. Turns out, that is one of the only things I was right about.

I didn’t know why I had to move, leave behind my family and start anew in the grand scheme of things. Why had no jobs opened up in Houston? Why the desert? Did they even have skyscrapers?

They have medium-sized buildings downtown, in case you were wondering. The skyscrapers aren’t man-made but are the watermelon-colored mountains instead. But the real reason I needed to move here was to grow up. Call it fate, faith, destiny or whatever fits your fancy, but leaving the place I loved has been good for me.

I’ve been uncomfortable. I’ve been homesick. When my dad was killed earlier this year, the pangs of heartbreak were more real than any petty breakup I’ve been through. I so wished I could be home with my mom. Yet I realized I was more Terry Nelson than I previously realized. Back-tracking wasn’t an option! The strong will instilled in me (call it stubbornness, sure) by my parents became the daily inspiration to seek life (in the wake of death), love (in the wake of loss) and beauty in every situation.

Albuquerque, New Mexico is a quaint town which boasts of culture, adventures, fantastic food and beauty as far as the eye can see – but you have to be looking for it. Peace and hope are found on running trails; pure beauty is housed mountaintop during a sunset. It was here I found the love of my life, my soulmate.

I can’t knock this town. It has its perks and its drawbacks– but here on my last day, I find myself so thankful for my time here. This blog was started on adventures here. And the adventure is not going to stop… especially on the crowning night in Denver we had.

Starting on our journey to Denver, our Realtor made sure our introduction to Denver would be memorable… (continue to Hello/Goodbye Part II)


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