The green trees here in the southwest are blooming into a panoply of yellows, oranges and reds while the breeze is blowing a little colder each day. Autumn is here. Two years. Two years I’ve watched the seasons change in New Mexico. And two years ago if you told me I would be moving to another city, buying a house and getting married, I would’ve laughed at you. Me!? Hahaha!

Yet as the heater warms my feet every morning and I find myself living out of boxes and suitcases (once again), but more is changing than just the seasons.


(My entire apartment looks like this right now. Hello way too many boxes!)

A few months ago, when I was looking for a job and house hunting, nothing seemed to work out. I, being the type-A personality I am, was not handling this very well. True to form, my mom reminded me that “when it is supposed to happen, it will.”

As much as I try to rush things (relationships, home decor, cooking, my car, &tc), I could not make it happen on my timeline. So when I was offered a job (!!!) and signed on a house a week later, I couldn’t help but think my mom was right (don’t tell her that).

The job is with my current company in the Denver office where the dogs run free. (No joke. They bring their dogs to work.) As for the housing situation, another trip to look at houses after favorited properties 1-4 went off the market, we found lucky #5. It is perfect. It needs me.

If you were to tell 15-yr old me than in 10 years, I would swoon over a basement and a garage, I’d probably tell you to kick rocks. It is a vintage townhouse– I mean vintage not in the chic, adorable way but the “nothing has been updated since 1995 when it was built” type of way. Oh hello eggshell appliances that was anything but Saved By The Bell. Like I said, it needs me.

Robbie and I have outlined our remodel plans, our paint swatches and our dreams for this gorgeous property. Like the crazies we are, we decided we weren’t challenging ourselves enough (seriously, try to plan a wedding out of state, get a job, move, buy a house, remodel said house and stay sane)– so we are trying to remodel the majority before our wedding next year. OY! Gotta have goals, no?


Yes. On his notes include “Brink a deer.” Let’s just hope the wood floors look fantastic in lieu of the craft brews. Here’s to adventures in interior design! Cheers!


One thought on “Timing

  1. I’m in a similar boat. Don’t know how I found your blog, but I’m glad I did. I’m leaving my comfort zone here in Jersey and heading down South to Florida for a better life with my boys. Exciting… but I have to get to packing now. Loving the blog layout. I’ll check in with your blog from time to time to read your updates. 🙂

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