Secrets Make Best Friends


I hate keeping secrets.

Robbie jokes I should never play poker because I can’t keep a straight face to save my life. So when my best friend’s boyfriend took me aside to plan his proposal FOUR MONTHS AGO, not telling my best friend was pure misery.

Multiple times I almost spilled the beans but thankfully she never noticed. By proposal day, I was absolutely itching for her to have the ring on her finger and that didn’t change when Eric slyly showed me his top-secret hiding spot: his sock! There under jeans and nuzzled in his sock was a giant box holding a perfect princess cut diamond.

The band: Murder By Death
The song: Foxglove
The plan: Get her favorite band to stop the show so he can propose.

When Eric told me his idea, I couldn’t help but be impressed (and excited). Combining her love of live music and her favorite band with a diamond was a genius idea (though the girl would’ve said yes regardless of plan). Eric contacted them four months ago to see if they would be on board. Like the rockstars they are, they said yes!

Pushing our way to the very front, her friends gathered around. The band started and before we knew it, we were dancing and singing on the top of our lungs. By the end of the second song, the crowd’s roar dulled to a hushed whisper as I know everyone’s hearts skipped a beat in anticipation.

“This next song is dedicated to Jessica…” Adam began. Flash! Flash! Flash! Eric held a box with a ring and a wee light to illuminate the gorgeous diamonds. He got down on one knee and said, “I love you.” I honestly cannot tell you what he said after that because I was bawling my eyes out and trying to film it at the same time.




She said yes, of course!

After the show the band gave her free vinyl and took her backstage to hug her and congratulate her. While I was snapping pictures, I must’ve been holding my breath because I felt in a daze.


Sian and I have had mirrored lives since we were sixteen years old so it is no surprise we both get engaged and are now planning weddings to be in the exact same month next year. As we hugged and danced the rest of the evening, I told her that was the absolute first and last secret I would ever be keeping from her. Whew!

Biggest congratulations to my best friend and her wonderful fiance!

P.s. take a listen to the song Eric selected to have dedicated to her here


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