Real Estate Soles

As we paraded up the condo’s stairs amidst the summer heat and no air conditioning, my feet screeched in pain. There I was, clad in a pretty summer dress and heels to meet our Realtor. And there I remained, stranded a light below the rooftop deck clenching my jaw because my feet… oh my feet hurt so bad!

I’ve learned many things in my short existence by trial and error. Things like– fashion should take back seat when touring chic condos in the Capitol hill area of Denver and just because your fiance says dinner isn’t hot, don’t trust the New Mexican with his chile.


(I was really nervous/excited/anxious about house-hunting for the first time)

Robbie and I are moving to Denver!! The monthly trips to visit family in Colorado were to fall in love with the gorgeous city, check out wedding venues and most recently, find a place to become a first-time home buyer!

Buying a house at 25 is not exactly… relaxing. Getting my degree was child’s play compared to the field of craziness known as “house hunting.” Getting pre-approved for a mortgage was one step away from a blood sample and a notarized copy of my lineage. (Hmm. English I see. How fare your freckles are, maiden.)

The good news is our Realtor is incredible. Through the process he wanted to know our tastes and priorities with a home.

“Oh. This doesn’t have a dishwasher…” I trailed

“Is that a deal-breaker for your house?” Luca asked.

“No. I don’t wash dishes,” I replied.

Luca instantly shot a look to Robbie who replied that in fact, his wife-to-be refuses to wash dishes.

“She really doesn’t,” he admitted.

“I also don’t cook,” I smiled.

Luca was on a learning curve of the bickering, sarcastic, wholly in love couple who have VERY different tastes.

“The kitchen is most important to me,” Robbie began. “I’m the cook.”

Luca warmed up instantly to him. Methinks his love of cooking and Spanish-heritage bonded with Robbie’s.

“What is your most important detail, Emily?” he asked.

“I don’t want to say a closet for my shoes… because Robbie can fix that.”

At that moment, Luca and Robbie glanced at my heels.

In truth, the entire space is most important. We can rip down walls, remodel it to be 100% ours– but the structure can’t change. Painted brick cannot be unpainted, however. A fireplace right next to a wall cannot be shifted. Walls CAN be painted. Tile can be replaced and for our industrial mid-century modern motif Robbie and I both love– the space will definitely be our own.

Robbie and I celebrated our real-estate experience with local Greek food and then he surprised me with new shoes so we could continue our tour de Denver! From there we literally danced in the streets and tasted the best Denver had to offer. (Seriously– if you’re a foodie, stick with me. I can take your taste buds on a ride).


We spent the rest of the long weekend eating, drinking and being merry. Yes. That is half a yard of beer nuzzled next to my cocktail.


We came back to Albuquerque to learn the crazy world of not only moving and finding a new job but also of getting a mortgage and the.. ahem.. joys with that.

My hair may be falling out (glamorous, I know) and my appetite is completely shot (I’ve had a protein shake today. That’s it). Our Realtor gets emails daily regarding condos — with a hot market, nothing is staying available for long and my type-A personality is just loving this (not).

Colorado will make my 4th state not including my brief stint in New York and I’m looking to (somewhat) settle down for the rest of my life. Buying a house at my 25.5 years of age is nuts and I can’t tell you what I’d do to call my dad for his advice and tips he no doubt would have.

I’m reminded constantly of him and I can hear his voice echoing when I’m comparing condos to each other. “Bud, relax. It will all work out.”

Assuming I don’t wear heels on our next tour…


4 thoughts on “Real Estate Soles

  1. I totally feel you! House shopping in Denver (especially downtown is so difficult because everything goes SO FAST! We’ve been doing the exact same thing – I don’t think I’ve check my email so many times in my life!

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