The Dinosaur Story

“Are you ready for an adventure?” Robbie asked.

“Yes siree!” I replied. “But where are we going?”



“You haven’t figured it out by now?”

“Where are you taking me, Robbie?”

“I’ve been dropping hints all week.”

“Seriously? ….”

“You’ll have to guess,” he smirked, eyes twinkling.

After thinking about the possibilities, I asked about the river (Rio Grande). Apparently the toxic waters wouldn’t be a positive adventure. Maybe Old Town? Or…

“Are we going to a museum?”

“Yes. But which museum, Em?”


  • My love of dinosaurs started at a very young age. Starting off as a wee babe, I would be placed in the front seat for every family road trip. Our bags would be packed and around 3am we would roll out of the driveway. My mom and sister would climb in the back to promptly continue their sleep. My job was to keep my dad awake. This was the birth of our storytelling.

“Once upon a time, there was a lime green dinosaur with hot pink spots…”

We pulled up to the museum and practically raced inside. It was there we gawked at the giant T-rex, the incredible stegosaurus skeleton, and the size and life of these magnificent beasts.

photo 1 (1)

Wide-eyed we immersed ourselves in the prehistoric wonder known as dinosaurs. Time stood still and our mouths stood open as we stared. We learned about New Mexico’s rich history with dino bones and the incredible discoveries our state holds. (Is it too late to say ‘Nerd Alert’?)

photo 2 (2)

Through the museum we trekked and as I was looking at the Pentaceratops and the Albertasaurus, he said, “I didn’t take you here just to look at dinosaurs. I also wanted to ask you something.”

I turned towards him and watched the love of my life bend down on one knee and say the words every girl dreams of hearing.

“Emily Ann Nelson, will you marry me?”

Naturally I cried. And when I say that I cried, I mean that not only were tears streaming down my face in public (though if people were even around, I can’t tell you), but waves of joy washed over me.

As soon as he stood up with the most gorgeous ring (no lie) I’ve ever seen, I proceeded to jump him. Tears had halted by that point and I just wanted to hug him as hard as possible. This naturally means me jumping on top of him.

My reply? “A thousand times yes!”

photo 4 (1)

I’m engaged to marry the love of my life! This man is the one who told my dad he would take care of his little girl forever at his funeral and almost 6 months later, not only is he continuing to do so, I know my dad is smiling down from heaven at this.

My adventures now are in wedding planning and though I may get slightly distracted by the giant rock on my finger (diamonds catch the light in the most brilliant of ways!), I’m most excited to marry Robbie.


I would say most girls dream of their wedding day but honestly, the only thing I want is him. For forever.

This is new chapter in my life! I’ll be changing my last name in a year, throwing a wedding that will be bittersweet since my Dad won’t be there but I’ll get to walk down the aisle to the most handsome and wonderful man I’ve ever met in my life. No one knows what the future will hold, but my best friend will be by my side.

I’ll be telling dinosaur stories forever now. Cheers!



3 thoughts on “The Dinosaur Story

  1. So superbly excited for you to embark on this journey that love is!
    I have only been married for a year and half, but it is by FAR the most learning and enriching experience i have ever had. Blessings and much love !

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