Skippy Roadtrippy: Part Two

Trip Two: New Mexico to Colorado

Once the clock hit 1500, I ran out of the door from work. Robbie was picking me up for our surprise weekend roadtrip to Colorado. The trek was to surprise his brother with a weekend brew-fest. We were anxious to get to Colorado and I was itching to be in Denver. Right on cue a new message illuminated my phone. He’s late. Figures.

First stop on the journey was for vegan thai food followed by Starbucks. I would be staying awake this trip!


Trivia was spouted off at lightening speed and I was tasked with one thing:
do not let the yeast growler tip over.

Robbie is a brewer of beer. Homebrew is the lofty term for beer made within a home and though he has shown me the magical ways of making beer, I can quite honestly say, I still don’t know what is going on. Only he told me what would happen if I let the yeast growler tip over.

  • Explosions.
  • Mess.
  • Stink.

Got it. Be cautious.

However, due to my innate love of filmmaking and art, I decided to film a video on the roadtrip instead of pay attention to the growler at my feet. My heart was wooed by the camera angles and scenery as I flopped in the front seat every which way. While making full rotations in the seat looking for the perfect complex shot, Robbie yelled, “STOP!”

I froze in place and turned to see my heels knocking the growler. Awkwardly, I sat down trying to move my feet slowly away.

We resumed trivia at this point.

On cue, I ask Robbie how much longer we have and he responds, “we’re halfway. The border is right ahead.”

A police car zoomed past us and came to a halt ahead. By the time we reached him, the officer successfully closed down the highway. Re-routed we were over the state line and back into New Mexico. We weren’t allowed to leave.

Our journey was then backtracking to the nearest town to find an atlas. Surely there were more ways to enter Colorado!

Enter the two-lane roads hours away onto the scene.

  • One option would be five more hours and the other option would be three more hours.

Being the sensible adults we are, we opted for the shorter distance and I put on my navigator hat.

Through ghost towns we trekked, abandoned cars and homes from the 1900s filtered in our view.  Time held no bounds and was simply lost in the beauty. The sunset was brilliant in pinks, oranges, and reds and eventually settled behind the mountains for goodnight.

Suddenly Robbie is screeching on the brakes there in the barely lit road. I look at him full of questions and he just points out the window. Wild deer, once locked in a stare with the headlights finally scurry off.

Needlesstosay, we were not in a booming metropolis. Down the road, a cow was right outside the car and on two more occasions, deer flocked in our radar. This… was the country.

Eventually we did make it back to the highway we started on and I asked Robbie again how long we had. Apparently the 3 hour trip put us 15 miles ahead on the highway than were we were turned around. Classy.

Though it was a long evening and the wind was howling by the time we arrived, the city of Denver welcomed us into her arms by way of the illuminated beacon. We made it!

Take a look at the video I made of the roadtrip!


3 thoughts on “Skippy Roadtrippy: Part Two

  1. Albuquerque brewer, I’m assuming? They got beer that we’d see in the SW Colorado liquor stores? Hopefully you got a chance to try Ska Brewing while you’re on the trip, our hometown heroes and the makers some of some badass beer.

    Love from your neighbors to the north. Peace.

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