Skippy Roadtrippy: Part One

The sun cascaded through the sunroof and warmed my bare legs. The gorgeous Houston skyscape danced goodbye in my rear-view mirror and as I cranked up the music, I was blively unaware of the adventure that was awaiting the roadtrips ahead.


Within two weeks, my car trekked over 2,000 miles in three states. The temperatures ranged from 20 degrees through 80 and I cannot express the sense of accomplishment and adventure I feel seeing the panoply of deceased bugs detailing my car’s front.

Trip One: Texas to New Mexico

  • My brief stay in Houston was due to a few factors: I have to return to work and I would be driving home instead of flying.

The tretcherous soujourn through Texas to New Mexico was a character building process when I moved to New Mexico. (Getting lost and taking two lane roads for a day, anyone?) However this time I wouldn’t be nearly as skiddish seeing tumbleweed and this time I was prepared.

Unabashed, I’ll admit I am a nerd. My father was a nerd. I’m dating a nerd. It’s a pretty nerd-tastic approach to life. Give me science fiction and haute couture; it’s just who I am.

Preparing for roadtrips at 25 is exactly how I was raised at 5.
Bring books & trivia.

Did you know trivia for adults does not exist? Honest, I’ve searched high and low for weeks prior to the trip for some trivia cards of capitals, presidential history, and world events and none were to be found. I then trekked into children stores looking for their trivia. Surely educational stores and game stores would ensure the future of our children…

Unfortunately, this was not the case.

The internet became my ally as I purchased the updated editions of my childhood trivia. Yes. The exact same.


The first few hours of the trip proved to be spectacular. Conversation flowed a mile a minute.  Trivia was yelled, we researched the unknown, and made plans for our future. We traded off driving and challenged each other with vocabulary words and early American history. Who knew Robbie has a profound knowledge of the presidents?

Hours later, the scenery changed drastically and the blanket was wrapped even tighter around me. The sun, no longer beaming through the open windows, bid us goodnight and the chilled wind of West Texas whipped the car around. True to form, by the time the clock hit 8:20p, my eyes were lined with lead and I fell into a deep slumber.

Around midnight I woke up in a sketchy Texan town. The cold air whipped in the car through Robbie’s open door and I frantically looked around for him. He wasn’t there. The gas station from the 1970s clearly has not been updated and it was primed for a horror film.

The silence was deafening.

Of course Robbie just walks up to the open door and says, “oh you’re up! Good morning sweetie.”

After jumping three feet in the air, I locked the doors.

As we were back on our way, the steady hum of the engine put me right back to sleep. Waking up an hour outside of Albuquerque around 2am, Robbie’s eyes were staring straight ahead. I noticed he put the heat on so I wouldn’t freeze and noticing me grinning, turned to look at me.

“How long was I asleep?” I asked.

“Basically the entire trip,” was his reply.

Poor Robbie.

It was 3:30a when Albuquerque came into view. I offered to drive the remaining amount and Robbie simply laughed at me.

Not even a full two weeks later, trek again we did for another adventure. Only this time, I was determined to stay awake and boy was Robbie in for a rude awakening…

(…continue to next post)


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