I Now Pronounce You Excited

There she stood, her smile from ear to ear. The soft breeze made her hair dance and her eyes twinkled in excitement. The warm California sun brushed our skin as the country music played softly. Laughter escaped her manicured lips as nothing could hold her back from the moment.

My best friend’s wedding.

I arrived in California early. Fairly certain I spent the entire plane ride trying to sleep as awkwardly as possibly, my stiff neck greeted the landing with a jolt. Exiting the airport, the warm SoCal sun touched my skin and I inhaled to relish in delight. Immediately regretting that decision, my friend arrived in the smog capital to pick me up. She was buzzing and giddy.

Weddings are stressful, beautiful productions with intricate details to boot. Which is why I arrived five days before the wedding: my degree is in a form of production and I absolutely love weddings. Let the games begin! On the ride home, the iPad came out and the many lists were started.

The days that followed included around 7 trips to 5 different Kohls, at least 4 trips to Starbucks, a run every single day, and so much shopping my feet literally hurt. Yet in the quiet moments of an early morning, she sat with the sun streaming in on her chai and just beamed. She was finally getting to marry her best friend. Waking up exhausted didn’t matter. She could barely contain the joy inside of her. It overflowed on everything!


The night of her bachelorette party, while the bride trekked to the airport for another pick-up, another bridesmaid and I were more than a little toasty in the warm Cali sun. Starbucks would be perfect! Not finding a key, we locked ourselves out of her apartment for a coffee jolt.

  • Right on cue, the bride let us know she would be late but the other girls would be arriving long before her.

Once returned, I stared at her door. The door stared back. The outside wall wasn’t scalable (even if I had a belay system, though I’d prefer to boulder) to reach her second floor and the only entrance was the bleak locked door staring back at us.

My childhood of reading Nancy Drew kicked into high gear and removing a bobby pin from my hair, the effort was purely in vain. I’ve picked my bathroom lock multiple times as a kid, how hard would a real apartment door be?

Apparently not that hard.

The door opened slowly in front of us and I was faced with a dilemma: which information will stress the bride out less?
Her gaggle of ladies for her party won’t be stranded while she is in traffic… or her best friend picked her lock with a hair piece?

I opted to encourage her to use the deadbolt in the future.

The day of the wedding arrived before we knew it, and my bestie blossomed in white. My natural state of behind a camera came full throttle as I took her last minute bridal pictures. The moment he saw her and she saw him, my tears were streaming.

She waltzed down the aisle; her father beamed.
Their story was read aloud and all laughed on cue.
Pictures were taken and drinks were served.
Her eyes twinkled and his smile grew bigger and bigger.

BlatchfordBridal1 (701 of 874)

Hours later, I found myself on an airplane headed back to the Southwest where my love greeted me with food and my dog greeted me by peeing on the floor. After a week with of me screeching, jumping up and down, and crying did I realize:
Excitement comes in many forms.

Congrats and mazel tov to the Blatchfords!


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