Standing Still

There we stood, overlooking the mountains and the vastness of Santa Fe National Forest being covered in a soft blanket of white snow. My hands were beyond feeling as I bravely held my camera over the railing. Time stopped for a moment as I was bewitched by the falling crystals. There is nothing like the silence snow brings. The laughter of my friends instantly brought me back.

foto (3)

There I stood, overlooking nature’s beauty with my best friend Sian (remember her?) and her boyfriend Eric. They were in New Mexico for an adventure and I was determined to deliver!

So what do two health-nuts (Robbie and me) serve to two meat-eating Texans the first night?

We all gobbled up the veggies, tofu, and wine and spent the entire evening immersed in conversation. Time stood still as it normally does when the ones closest to you are near.

The next morning brought us to Santa Fe so they could race each other down the slopes.
This Texan learned a valuable lesson: I don’t know how to drive in snow.

Up the giant 16 mile mountain my little car went over ice and snow. The drivers lined behind me as I nervously clenched the steering wheel. We finally arrived to the very top where they skipped off to the entrance and I needed a moment to breathe. The air was a tad thin up there.

I looked at my phone in case of an emergency. No service. Great.

Somehow I managed to arrive in one piece at the bottom of the giant mountain, right in time for Robbie to arrive in Santa Fe! Scuttle we did, over to the gellataria for fresh espresso and marscapone gelatto.


If there is anything to make one feel better,
it is fresh Italian gelatto!

Sian and Eric out-skiied each other other and by the time we were to head back to Albuquerque, I had mastered how to drive on mountains and in snow! (And by mastered, I mean I emulated exactly what Robbie showed me.) On the way down the mountain the final time, snow began to pelt everything in sight. Beauty cascaded down and on cue, the cameras went up.

The adventure went for a southern fiesta by way of hiking through the Petroglyphs the next day.

foto (1)

These archaic rock carvings funneled self-made folklore as I could only imagine the individuals carving their art from so long ago. The rocks on top of the hill provided no shelter against the violent wind as we hiked higher and higher. From the top, we saw all of Albuquerque, the beauty and the ugly, the ‘scapes and scrapes of history past and life present.

So there I was. Silent. Still. and happy.

Though we are no longer carving our life’s history into rocks, I couldn’t help but think about the legacy we are leaving. In a world of billions, it seems the first to lose sight of is humanity and beauty. Yet throughout the weekend, there I stood, still and happy, overlooking the beauty that was everywhere.


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