Warm House :: Cold Champagne

“It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues.”
-Abraham Lincoln

Of all my possessions and life experiences, I have always believed vices are very telling of the core of the human spirit. I collect my vices to include things like food, shopping, and a certain double-O.

Bond. James Bond.

Where my bizarre adoration originated from, I may never know. It could be the cool gadgets, the suave demeanor, vintage cars, or the fact he saves the world and isn’t a superhero, but without fail, I am rendered stunned in awe the moment the two notes sound.

Seeing my newly established residency in a swank apartment, the decision seemed simple to throw a housewarming party– a James Bond Housewarming Party.

foto (3)

I took care of the important details (painting nails, cleaning apartment, fluffing pillows) while my boyfriend prepared the most majestic feast. (Yes, I’m dating a foodie/blogger) The smells coming from my kitchen, I can report, are smells I’ve never experienced before. The warm spices mixed with the chill in the air bathed from the massive hunk of meat that has been cooking for 18 hours in my oven… my mouth was watering in anticipation!

My friends arrived to be promptly served microbrewery beer or decadent wine. The handmade veggie platter appeased a cultured palate with jicama (hick-cam-muh), english cucumbers (jolly good!), and Italian roma tomatoes with fresh artichoke hummus… and while we were all stuffing our faces, the main course appeared!

Being a foodie, I appreciate great food. Going to restaurants and dropping paychecks for the best food seems completely reasonable to me. However, I never knew my favorite restaurant would be casa de Emily.

The main dish was something called Bo ssam and calling it delicious doesn’t seem to do it justice. While the room illuminated with a young Sean Connery going to the Bahamas (we were watching Thunderball), our taste buds were taken to Asia.

    foto (1)foto
(the bo ssam and a friend enjoying Bond)

The food literally melted in your mouth while the stark dichotomy of the fresh butter lettuce added the crisp, refreshing finish for each bite. The fresh bean sprouts, thinly sliced carrots, slightly spicy peanut thai sauce and the ginger scallion sauce complimented each other. It was like a gentle English crowd all shaking hands and being agreeable. Cheers! Cheerio! Quaint. Lovely.

Laughter was ever present that evening as friends joined round in merriment to have a gaffe and a giggle, remark on James’ incredulous short shorts (the 60s were a different era alright), and consume copious amounts of the best-food-ever-tasted. Soon after, Casino Royale filled the telly with this generation’s suave superhero and I don’t know if it was the food or James that made me giddy but one thing is for sure:

Bond girls always dress impeccably and now I need to go shopping.


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