Civic Duty: A+

I pull my laptop onto the top of my bed, currently buried under all pieces of attire hued red and blue. I seized the opportunity to dress up for today.  I was a bipartisan fashionista today with nods to both parties. Which is, surprisingly, exactly how I feel about voting. Partaaaaaay!

When I stood in line to vote, I couldn’t help the goofy grin from escaping.  There, in the sea of black, brown, and green stood my neon blue skirt and red cardigan. There sandwiched between a bitter woman and a mother of many, I tried to maintain a stoic look behind my wayfarers. My smile betrayed me. I couldn’t conceal my excitement! The crying kids behind me didn’t even bother me as they usually would– there were future voters getting a taste of democracy!

“Please step to there,” was the direction I received.

“Please state your last name.”


“Please state your shoe size.”

8 1/2, like the movie. 

“Please state the color of your left eye.”


After I passed the preliminary screening for competency, test in hand, my feet skipped to the uneven chair with dividers. Don’t cheat.

Like every good test taker, I scanned post sides of the ballot sheet. “Hmmm, multiple choice, true/false, and a reading portion,” I thought. Knowing the reading portion takes the longest, I went there first. Amend this. Pay for that. Those were easy. Next came true/false. I figured the easy answers were the solo bubble options. Lastly came the multiple choice. Having done my homework and study sessions, I knew these answers. Fulfilling my civic duty in under eight minutes? Wait… it wasn’t timed?

Walking up with my ballot to the proctors, they asked how I did. Confidently I smiled, “Aced it!” They took my ballot and fed it into the machine.

“You know, if you don’t score at least a B+, it will reject it…” the gentleman trailed off.

Laughter escaped my bright red lips.

“You passed!” he exclaimed.

He pressed a sticker into my palm and wished me a great day.

Civic duty. Aced it!

P.S. They didn’t really ask my shoe size or eye color… this time…

Did you vote today?!


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