As Americans, we amass a lot of stuff.

Somehow little trips for doo-dads and trinkets fill our homes and when it is time to do something like move, we realize our lives are full of junk. Literally. Pretty junk. But junk, nevertheless.

I signed a lease on a new apartment here in Albuquerque and will be living closer to my favorite riding trail (yay!!) the end of November. The day I autographed a check for my home, the dusty boxes from nearly a year ago emerged to be filled. The books now find themselves nuzzled even closer, Ulysses kissing The Brothers Karamazov. Audrey Hepburn no longer a beacon on a wall, but hidden behind other portraits in a spot for my art collection.  Peacock feathers blossom from the cardboard maze reminiscent of the colors hidden behind brown.

Brown. Brown. Brown.

You know, that’s what they say about New Mexico. It’s brown. It really is. Different shades of brown fill the perspectives of all who visit. As for my home, with my belongings stored for their own trek across town, I feel as though I am camping. With doors, of course. Last night I built a fort out of clean sheets to watch a movie. Transfixed, I was twelve years old again and having the time of my life sitting on floor pillows (pillows– on the floor, naturally) as formal chairs are not suitable for a makeshift tent. My guitar capo held the sheet to the ceiling fan, the crystal lamp held the fitted sheet, and the twinkling christmas lights already packed in its own bag, magically reappeared to become the twinkling stars. It wasn’t long before Midnight in Paris turned to Midnight in Tent.

Apparently people hate moving. I am addicted to the very thought of it! Granted, I’ve had my own dreams and find myself stressed out more and more as the time inches closer. Oh the joys of finding myself in a different environment that will inevitably be filled by my decorating wit and cooking charms. So despite the fact that my gemstone color palate is temporarily replaced by brown, I cannot help but relish in the surge of joy that comes with the challenge of a new space. I’m even allowed to paint if I wish!

But as for now, these white walls will stand tall and proud as the dining room will be stocked with my life. I’ll be camping in my own apartment. S’mores? Who’s hungry?


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